Child Lynlee ‘conceived twice’ after life-sparing tumor surgery

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A child young lady from Lewisville, Texas, has been “conceived” twice after she was removed from her mom’s womb for 20 minutes forever sparing surgery.


At 16 weeks pregnant, Margaret Hawkins Boemer found her little girl, Lynlee Hope, had a tumor on her spine.

The mass, known as a sacrococcygeal teratoma, was redirecting blood from the hatchling – raising the danger of lethal heart disappointment.

Child Lynlee weighed only 1lb 3oz (0.53kg) when specialists opened the womb.

Mrs Boemer had initially been expecting twins, however lost one of her infants before the second trimester. She was at first encouraged to end her pregnancy totally before specialists at Texas Children’s Fetal Center proposed the dangerous surgery.

The tumor and the unborn child were nearly a similar size when the operation was performed. Lynlee was given a half shot of survival.

Mrs Boemer told CNN: “At 23 weeks, the tumor was closing her heart down and making her go into cardiovascular disappointment, so it was a decision of permitting the tumor to assume control over her body or giving her a possibility at life.

“It was a simple choice for us: We needed to give her life.”

‘Her heart ceased’

Specialist Darrell Cass of Texas Children’s Fetal Center was one of the group who did the surgery. He said the tumor had been large to the point that an “enormous” cut was required to achieve it, leaving the child “hanging out noticeable all around”.

Lynlee’s heart for all intents and purposes quit amid the methodology however a heart expert kept her alive while a large portion of the tumor was evacuated, he included. The group then put her back in her mom’s womb and sewed her uterus up.

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Mrs Boemer spent the following 12 weeks on bedrest, and Lynlee entered the world for the second time on 6 June. She was conceived through Cesarean at full term, measuring 5Ib and 5oz, and named after both of her grandmas.

At the point when Lynlee was eight days old, a further operation expelled whatever is left of the tumor from her tailbone.

Dr Cass said the infant young lady was presently home and flourishing. “Child Boemer is still a newborn child yet is doing excellent,” he affirmed.

Sacrococcygeal teratoma is an uncommon type of tumor found in one out of 30,000-70,000 live births. Its cause is obscure however infant young ladies are influenced four times more frequently than young men.

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